About Us

Wine Trees was founded in 2008. Our founder’s daughter inspired our name while walking through the vineyards near their home; standing under the vines, looking up, she creatively termed them “wine trees.” With this vision at our core, we keep our eyes open and see the wine world from a new perspective, expanding our portfolio with new regions, varietals, and styles.

Our book of acclaimed international and domestic wines is focused on small-lot producers and wines of provenance. These wines have an important story to tell and fill a niche within the market, whilst reflecting the true character of their appellation.

We are brand developers and three-tier specialists that anticipate market trends – our nimble business structure allows us to react to consumer needs, staying ahead of the curve. Our national sales and marketing team manage both national and exclusive brands through the three-tier distribution system.

Our Leadership Team

Bruce Cunningham, Founder & General Manager

With an undergraduate degree in Wine Marketing Studies from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, Bruce attended business school, focusing on the packaging and production side of the wine industry. In 1996, Bruce started Aussie Wine Direct as a consumer direct focused importer and brand developer of Australian wines. With quick success, this business has grown to include participation in every channel of the wine business and expanded to domestic and imports from all four corners of the globe, and is now called AWDirect. As AWDirect continues to focus on production and direct sales channels, Wine Trees brings together international and domestic brands into one book with national distribution.

Kim Cunningham, VP of Operations

When AWDirect relocated to California in 2004, Kim set out to create efficiencies for a growing sales and marketing team. Drawing upon her talents as an engineer and techno geek, along with her experience in global management, Kim helped AWDirect establish Wine Trees in 2008. She is credited with developing our team of energetic, challenge-driven people who have the right “moxie” to keep our well-oiled machine running smoothly.