About Us

Founded in 2008, Wine Trees is a modern collection of wines highlighting the world’s most exciting regions. Our name was inspired by our founders’ daughter; while exploring the vineyards near their home, looking up, she creatively termed the vines “Wine Trees”. With this perspective, we embrace the ever-changing world of wine with an open mind and a passion for discovery.

Our adventurous spirit drives us to create and find new and innovative brands. We’ve made it our mission to over-deliver on quality at every price point, offering approachable everyday wines accented with highly acclaimed estates from around the world.

Our Leadership Team

Bruce Cunningham, Founder & General Manager

With an undergraduate degree in Wine Marketing Studies from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, Bruce attended business school, focusing on the packaging and production side of the wine industry. In 1996, Bruce started Aussie Wine Direct as a consumer direct focused importer and brand developer of Australian wines. With quick success, this business has grown to include participation in every channel of the wine business and expanded to domestic and imports from all four corners of the globe, and is now called AWDirect. As AWDirect continues to focus on production and direct sales channels, Wine Trees brings together international and domestic brands into one book with national distribution.

Kim Cunningham, VP of Operations

When AWDirect relocated to California in 2004, Kim set out to create efficiencies for a growing sales and marketing team. Drawing upon her talents as an engineer and techno geek, along with her experience in global management, Kim helped AWDirect establish Wine Trees in 2008. She is credited with developing our team of energetic, challenge-driven people who have the right “moxie” to keep our well-oiled machine running smoothly.