Barrel Road

The road for an oak barrel used in Barrel Road wines is a long one with many stops, each adding to the barrel’s unique story. The journey starts at a Kentucky bourbon distillery, where barrels are used to age premium bourbon whiskey. From the Appalachian hills, to the Midwest back roads; from highway 70, to the Rockies, these barrels make the ultimate road trip to their California cellar.

Grapes are sourced from some of California‚Äôs most premium coastal regions, where long days of sunshine are complemented by foggy mornings and Pacific breezes. Barrel Road’s winemaking team hand selects the best lots of red grapes from these regions.

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2014 Bourbon Barrel Red Blend, California - 16.99

With bourbon-soaked barrels in their cellar, Barrel Road uses them for aging; bringing in warm spice and additional layers of complexity to their red blend. This wine is a deep, brilliant red and opaque. On the nose, notes of black cherry, molasses, and toast create a strong, inviting aroma. The palate is smooth, showing ripe notes of blackberry and plum, followed by toffee, maple syrup, and a hint of caramel on the finish. The finish is soft and long lasting.

89 points - Tasting Panel