Beyond the city lights and bright colors of Buenos Aires, Argentina lie the rugged vineyards of Mendoza. The cool mountain air tangos with long, hot days of sunshine, swinging the temperatures high and low and providing ideal conditions for the Malbec grapes. You are invited to enter Laberinto, the labyrinth, a wine with impressive complexity, velvety texture, and good depth of flavor. Go forth with confidence and immerse yourself in the bold and bright layers of Argentina.

The vineyards that produce Laberinto’s Malbec are located approximately 700 meters above sea level and are composed of a sandy loam soil. Arid continental weather conditions give a huge thermal amplitude between day and night temperatures, allowing for the development of high quality fruit.

2016 Malbec, Mendoza - 11.99

This wine is a brilliant ruby-garnet color. The bouquet is earthy and subtly fruity, with notes of cherries, currants, blackberries, and plum. On the palate, a burst of red berries and cherries gives way to savory earthiness and an oak-spicy finish. Also available on tap.

Gold Medal, LA International Wine Competition 2018